Eight million illegal immigrants, are continuing to break our laws, by using false, or stolen, SS numbers, to work in, non-agriculture, on-the-books, American jobs. Only 6% of employers are presently using E-Verify. ...For every illegal immigrant working, an American isn't....Mandate, and ENFORCE, E-Verify, for ALL jobs, for ALL employees, and for any entitlement. DHS receives continuing employer/employee SS number no-match lists from the SSA. The SSA also sends out thousands of no-match letters to employers, but due to the lack of any real enforcement, by DHS, these notices are largely ignored. Make the SSA employer/employee no-match list available to the individual states, if not to the public, and we, the people will address the problem.

for every illegal immigrant employed, an American isn't http://bit.ly/dRYmbm

Janet Napolitano has the continuing list of the SS mismatches,
where they are working, and the names they are using. FOIA

Pacific Steelís $18/hr and good benefits, jobs Americans won't do? http://bit.ly/wxwGJw

78% of likely voters favor mandating that all employers
E-VERIFY the immigration status of their workers

One-third of Kreider Farms workers had invalid documents http://bit.ly/H7InYe
Dismissed Illegal Immigrant Kreider Farms workers 'disappear' http://bit.ly/HzU7Np


8,000,000 illegals earning $10 an hour, $20,800/year/illegal,
that's 8,000,000 X $20,800 equals $166,400,000,000; that's $166.4 billion
that American workers aren't taking home.

Remember all of those jobs that used to be available for teenagers.

Let's suppose that 8 million of the 30 million unemployed American workers, http://bit.ly/s7fWeU
are drawing unemployment, at a very modest $200 a week,
$10,400 a year times 8 million American workers; another $83.2 billion dollars
out of taxpayer pockets. (Most of the state unemployment funds are broke http://bit.ly/dRYmbm ).

So those 8 million illegally employed illegals are costing us $249.6 billion;...

Food Stamps http://bit.ly/fdqIHW
EITC. http://bit.ly/foyBWO
Birthright Citizenship http://bit.ly/fvesJQ
Section-8 http://bit.ly/gJFX6c
Healthcare http://bit.ly/ephnas
Education at an average of $10,000/per student/per year
Costs of Illegals http://bit.ly/s976Jj

2011 remittances to Latin America totaled $61 billion dollars.

THE REALLY BAD NEWS IS:....there are xx million illegals in our United States
Border Apprehensions http://bit.ly/h0jNr3

Illegal Immigration Stats http://bit.ly/xv8jam

The Myth of Illegal Immigration and Food Prices http://bit.ly/LzZQYb

Immigration Counters http://immigrationcounters.com/

one would think that DHS would be all over employers of illegals,
but Napolitano and Obama prevent that from happening.

Tell Washington to mandate E-Verify NOW http://bit.ly/xk1qB8

the people's Jobs Program

Our Illegal Immigration Directory http://bit.ly/xmiGyx

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