Solving Our Illegal Immigration Problem

border security is not the real problem, nor are attempts to secure it, the solution ... the real problem is the availability of jobs and entitlements, due to the lack of any real enforcement in those areas ... if illegal immigrants couldn't get a job, or collect entitlements, they wouldn't come ... our real adversary in this fight

.. what we all need to know

immediately put all businesses on notice that they will be fined $50,000, and face prosecution, for any, and each, working illegal immigrant they have hired in the last five years (for openers) .... then after the short due-notice period, put a bounty on them, and set harsh examples by hanging a few employers out to dry while highly publicizing it ... E-Verify for all non-ag jobs, and any entitlement ... a simple solution that will work to end illegal immigration.

In addition, increase the penalty for being in our country illegally ... from a misdemeanor to a felony.

in the last 5 years, over 2 million illegal immigrants have been apprehended at our border ... on average, we only apprehend 1 out of 3, meaning that up to 4 million more illegal immigrants successfully entered our country just in the last 5 years ...