Federal Issues
Remove the Payroll Tax wage cap

Remove the Wage Cap from the Payroll Tax for the employee only
All Entitlement Programs are rolled into a single department,
both, for efficiency, and the express purpose of eliminating fraud.

we have to get the fraud out, it's killing all of us

but more than anything it's stealing from the poorest among us;
and that' should be a revulsion to all of us

A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION: removal of the Payroll Tax wage cap, for employees only;
let's protect the people, and pay down the debt

All excess monies will be used to pay down our foreign debt monthly.
hopefully before increasing Debt Interest http://bit.ly/fvTvZr hurts us even more.


With respect to SS, Medicare, and Medicaid, we, the people, demand the right to first see what can be accomplished
by exposing, and eliminating, the fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption, that is so rampant in these programs.

SocialSecurity|Medicare|Medicaid ($ IN TRILLIONS) http://bit.ly/fv9Stt

AMERICANS WIN: Save SS, Medicare, Medicaid

No NEW additions to SS, Medicare, or Medicare

*open the books of Medicare and Medicaid to allow organizations, such as the WSJ,
to find the rampant fraud, waste, abuse, and outright corruption,
until such time that we, the people, introduce our new database, FACE-IT FRAUDFREE

American's WIN: YES on removing the employee wage cap on FICA
this hasn't yet been proposed; it's a strong FACE-IT recommendation (details below)
we need the CBO to score this..any ideas on how to get that done
it's the sacrifice, that, we, the people, ask the more successful to make,
in order to help save our great nation
this will be our first step in the right direction
FACE-IT AMERICA guarantees that when you see what you have started
you will have pride and faith in America; trust FACE-IT America

It's called taking care of our own first, of our old and our poor's, cares and woes,
by taking care of SS, Cares and Caids for them, FIRST.