has a strong stand against illegal immigration, will mandate E-Verify and SAVE http://bit.ly/s7fWeU 75%

will raise taxes on the wealthiest among us http://costoftaxcuts.com/ 74%

to help combat our massive deficit and debt http://bit.ly/jnfQMr

will cut the exorbitant, out-of-control, Defense Spending http://bit.ly/hNKDG6 74%

will eliminate the rampant fraud in ALL entitlement programs http://bit.ly/gsCBP5

will monumentally reduce the size and scope of government http://bit.ly/e9SgSM

will end the corruption in Washington: Public Campaign Financing http://bit.ly/vF2MXG

...and this is just for openers......

we, the people, are not the Tea Party http://bit.ly/KXdMww