we, the people, WONT BACK DOWN

The 1986 Amnesty was promoted as ending illegal immigration forever, while providing amnesty citizenship to the thought-to-be between 1.1 and 1.3 million illegal immigrants in our United States.
almost 3.5 million illegal immigrants received citizenship,

but almost reminiscent of Ripley's Believe it, or Not, there are/were still illegal immigrants, to this very day, claiming, and receiving, citizenship, based on the 1986 Amnesty. http://bit.ly/6Gxy4Z

and that isn't even the worst of it, because what the 1986 Amnesty did, because of the failure of Congress to enact the legislated border security and workplace enforcement, as promised, was unleash a massive invasion by 10's of millions of illegal immigrants mostly from Mexico, Latin, and South America, but including illegal immigrants from over 180 countries, some known to promote terrorism, fully expecting that, eventually, our United States, would grant amnesty again.

Since the 1986 Amnesty, over 28,000,000 illegal immigrants have been apprehended at our border (97.84% of the FY2012 total apprehensions were at our Southwest border).

In 1987 there were less than 3200 Border Patrol agents thought to apprehend 1 out of 7 illegal immigrant border crossers. Some agents even thought 1 out of 10.

Now, there are over 21,000 Border Patrol agents thought to apprehend 1 out of 3......

In addition, according to Janet Napolitano, 40% of the illegal immigrants in our country are visa overstays. Considering how many illegals cross our Southwest border, this is very difficult to believe.

run the numbers and then LIE to we, the people, AGAIN, by telling us that there are only 11 million illegal immigrants in our country. http://bit.ly/h0jNr3


Mandate and ENFORCE E-VERIFY, for all jobs, and all entitlements.

If illegal immigrants can't get a job, or collect entitlements, they won't cross our border, except to visit.


we, the people, WILL NOT ACCEPT the Senate's S.744 Illegal Immigration Reform Bill

we, the people, WON'T BACK DOWN http://bit.ly/120RXkQ

we, the people, Let's Work Together http://bit.ly/172yLrr