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    government is the responsibility of the people

    Default Illegal Immigration Directory

    Federal Issues - Unemployment - Illegal Immigration Directory - Contact Congress
    Illegal Immigration Directory

    EITC & ACTC - Illegals & Social Security - Amnesty Cost

    Senate - House Republican Amnesty Pukes -
    Beware the 0.1% - Top 0.1% Lobbyists

    Border Security - Skills Visa - Legal Workforce - Ag Guestworker - Interior Enforcement

    Birthright Citizenship - Chain Migration - Illegal Workers - Remittances - Underground Economy - Visas

    E-Verify - Invasion - Border - Apprehensions - Drugs - Fence - Air Branches - Drones - Crossings
    San Diego - El Centro - Yuma - Tucson - El Paso - Big Bend - Del Rio - Laredo - Rio Grande Valley*

    Sanctuary Cities - Gangs - Black Americans - Crime and Violence - Criminal Incarceration
    Secure Communities - 287(g) - Deportations - Detention System - I.C.E. Deportations

    Cost of Illegals - Emissary Program - On the Backs of Taxpayers - Law Enforcement
    Border Trash - Illegal Immigrant Advocates - I.C.E. News

    Protect Americans First - The Establishment GOP's Amnesty Plan - Senate Bill S.744

    Obama Executive Overreach - Obama Lied About - In The Now

    Game On

    26 States Now Fighting Obama Executive Action on Illegal Immigration
    Encourage your state to join in the fight
    If Congress wasn't in the back pocket of the 1%, E-Verify would be enforced Remittances
    Help stop Illegals from taking American jobs
    What we all need to know
    House GOP Establishment Legalization Amnesty Pukes
    Senate GOP Establishment Legalization Amnesty Pukes
    Illegal Immigration Court Backlog
    Our Do-Nothing, frog in the pot, Congress

    if we choose to help the world's children, let's do it in their own countries at 1/10th the cost
    U.S. Border Patrol Illegal Immigrant Apprehensions
    an education in itself
    if illegal immigrants couldn't get a job, or collect entitlements, they wouldn't cross our border
    Reasoning for E-Verify
    Solving Our Illegal Immigration Problem
    Border Security is NOT the problem

    Action Alerts
    Alert! Obama starts his push for amnesty.
    Tell him NO!
    Alert! Stop chain migration with HR 477!
    Alert! Mandatory E-Verify introduced in Senate, S 202
    Alert! Tell Congress to Make E-Verify permanent!
    Alert! HR 140 would abolish birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants!

    Medical Cost of Illegal Aliens Is Hot Potato
    Ten ICE agents target Obama deportation policy with lawsuit
    Judicial Watch Sues Obama Admin For Amnesty Documents
    Kris Kobach files lawsuit over Obama's immigration policy change

    @Regaining Our Freedom, Property of, WE, THE PEOPLE
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