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Outgamed no more http://bit.ly/1pkrTSK
Illegal Immigration Court Backlog
Our Do-Nothing, frog in the pot, Congress http://bit.ly/1i8wxjZ

if we choose to help the world's children, let's do it in their own countries at 1/10th the cost http://bit.ly/1aP5rHC
U.S. Border Patrol Illegal Immigrant Apprehensions http://bit.ly/h0jNr3
an education in itself
if illegal immigrants couldn't get a job, or collect entitlements, they wouldn't cross our border http://bit.ly/15q9Axg
Reasoning for E-Verify http://bit.ly/1xG4cpn
Solving Our Illegal Immigration Problem http://bit.ly/1ozMWxM
Border Security is NOT the problem http://bit.ly/17NvNca
What we all need to know http://bit.ly/1oXTbej

Protect Americans First - The Establishment GOP's Amnesty Plan - Senate Bill S.744

Obama Executive Overreach - Obama Lied About - In The Now

House Republican Amnesty Pukes -
Beware of the 1% - Top 0.1% Lobbyists

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Action Alerts
Alert! Obama starts his push for amnesty. http://www.capwiz.com/caps/issues/al...ertid=62325541
Tell him NO!
Alert! Stop chain migration with HR 477! http://www.capwiz.com/caps/issues/al...ertid=62404326
Alert! Mandatory E-Verify introduced in Senate, S 202 http://www.capwiz.com/caps/issues/al...ertid=62382191
Alert! Tell Congress to Make E-Verify permanent!
Alert! HR 140 would abolish birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants! http://www.capwiz.com/caps/issues/al...ertid=62328481

Medical Cost of Illegal Aliens Is Hot Potato http://www.newsmax.com/JamesWalsh/Me...#ixzz28X3Zf7IN
Ten ICE agents target Obama deportation policy with lawsuit http://bit.ly/RL2XmN
Judicial Watch Sues Obama Admin For Amnesty Documents http://shar.es/7nZvE
Kris Kobach files lawsuit over Obama's immigration policy change http://bit.ly/PHIREC

12-10-2012 The growth of the US immigration system http://bostonglobe.com/metro/2012/12...lwJ/story.html

Nebraska Follows Arizona: No Benefits for 'Deferred' Immigrants http://bit.ly/Ndt8Ll
Perry: US immigration plan doesn't alter state law; policies won't change http://bit.ly/ShjY6V
Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant: No state aid for illegal immigrants http://on.thec-l.com/RGjbgO

63% Oppose Driver’s Licenses, Public Benefits for Illegal Immigrants Who Get Work Permits http://bit.ly/OR7It5

09-06-2012 Police in Legal Minefield on Ariz. Illegal Immigration Law http://abcn.ws/TlEJ1P

09-05-2012 Remittances to Mexico Rise Nearly 5% http://bit.ly/Qcpl1A

08-29-2012 D.C. Council Votes to Impede Immigration Enforcement: In Stunning Rebuff, Federal Government Snubs Itself http://bit.ly/QU63On

08-30-2012 Drug Cartels Operating In The U.S., Following The Trail Of Mexican Immigrants Into Middle America http://huff.to/QYUW6O

08-18-2012 Fiat Amnesty Lines Exceed a Mile; High-school Dropouts May Apply: http://bit.ly/S6dk1U

08-16-2012 Judicial Watch Sues Obama Admin For Amnesty Documents http://shar.es/7nZvE
Congressman Steve King "Obama has crossed the line and I will be filing suit soon" http://bit.ly/R5HdPP

nearly 7.1 million illegal immigrants (7.8 million if adjusted for undercount) are in the U.S. labor force http://cis.org/node/3877#illegal

08-08-2012 IRS told employees to ignore potential fraud in program used by illegal immigrants http://wtim.es/MC02ej

Rep. Steve King will file lawsuit against President Obama's fiat amnesty by Labor Day http://bit.ly/QN29gB

1.76 million illegal immigrants could qualify for temporary legal status under President Obama's fiat amnesty http://yhoo.it/P5faAg

08-06-2012 Senators ask Chinese to help stop flood of fake IDs http://usat.ly/MprZ2V

08-06-2012 Report: States passing fewer immigration laws http://wapo.st/P0Ou3P

08-06-2012 Federal government’s open-door immigration policy on welfare under fire http://thedc.com/Rb6ebX

Report: Illegals released by feds committed 19 murders, 142 sex crimes http://wtim.es/Nj47O0

Woman faces felony charges after stealing 5-year-old's identity http://bit.ly/Qd9O4V


Nine million "no-match" (SS numbers) letters went out to employers last year, however, there is little, to no, enforcement http://bit.ly/hnHEbs

07-19-2012 USDA partnering with Mexico to boost food stamp participation http://thedc.com/NJlBsc

Illegal Immigrants Continuing Ripoff of American Taxpayers - Tax Loopholes Investigation http://bit.ly/Pq87lK

Supreme Court’s Immigration Decision Keeps Mandatory E-Verify in Operation http://bit.ly/MBYVKH
despite mandatory E-Verify, 7 million illegals, using false, or stolen SS numbers, are currently employed,
in non-agriculture jobs, by unscrupulous "so-called American employers" and the DHS, and Obama, know about it ...
what's with that?

06-29-2012 Only 25% Say Border Control Should NOT Be Top Immigration Priority http://bit.ly/KJtIPM
IMO, E-Verify for all jobs, and any entitlement, should be the Top Immigration Priority

06-28-2012 Feds look to streamline backlogged immigration courts http://bit.ly/LTymLY
Illegal Immigration - Deportation Cases http://bit.ly/Hod1JP

06-27-2012 "FBI - Twenty-Two Charged for Multi-State Scheme to Obtain Real Driver’s Licenses with Fraudulent Documents" http://1.usa.gov/MrElMi

06-25-2012 Obama and Janet throw a hissy fit #AZ http://bit.ly/hObNL7 SCOTUS ruled that the most controversial section of SB1070 should go into effect. Section 2B requires an officer to make a reasonable attempt to determine the immigration status of a person stopped, detained or arrested if there’s reasonable suspicion that the person is in the country illegally. All states need to enact and enforce this to stop illegals from overrunning our country

06-20-2012 Rep. Lamar Smith presses Obama on legality of new deportation rules http://bit.ly/L7hRfI

06-15-2012 Obama adds 1.4 million illegals to the workforce, while 24.6% of our own 16-19 year olds are unemployed;
Obama devalues Americans http://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.a.htm

only 3% of the illegals, in our United States, work in agriculture. http://bit.ly/MJGWOe

Americans need to know http://bit.ly/s7fWeU


we, the people can no longer allow illegal immigration to continue to fragment our nation

DEMAND that our existing Federal laws against illegal immigration, be enforced

Contact Congress, your state legislators, the newspapers http://www.lifelibertyfreedom.com/

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. AKA> Simpson-Mazzoli Act http://bit.ly/IgJvVw:
• required employers to attest to their employees' immigration status.
• made it illegal to knowingly hire or recruit unauthorized immigrants.


IT'S, GAME ON, IN AMERICA! http://bit.ly/zKUNxy

WAY TOO LITTLE, WAY TOO LATE: ICE Reveals 3000 Employer Audits Coming per Year, 500 Every 2 Months http://bit.ly/IOxnP3

BOYCOTT New Mexico and Washington; they are the only two states that provide driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants


the education, and edification, of America, on any issue, is enhanced by, we, the people,
gathering, compiling, and publishing, information; data is knowledge; knowledge is power.

IT"S ALL-IN-TIME.. Immigration amnesty, a continuing saga http://shar.es/rCgj6
• we, the people, plan to picket businesses, employing illegal immigrants.
• planning is classified; states, businesses, stacked
http://wehirealiens.com/ http://illegalalienreport.com/report-illegal-aliens/
• forewarn selected employers of their need to use E-Verify
• Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity Form 3949-A http://1.usa.gov/IW3AQy
• research all locations, neighborhoods, demographics, newspapers. LE
• recruit assistance, compile information, general discussion
• 5 red flags that could lead to an I-9 audit: http://bit.ly/HDg7g9

LEAHY BLOCKING KEY MANDATORY E-VERIFY SENATE VOTE skip to 14:20-25:00 http://to.pbs.org/K8wvpt
Sen. Patrick Leahy Twitter Facebook

7 Million Illegal Immigrant Workers http://bit.ly/hnHEbs



the responsibility, to repel this invasion, by 10's of millions of illegal immigrants,
now lies with, we, the people..... and we have the law on our side ......

it goes back to, "if you want anything done right, you have to do it yourself"

The Mexican Invasion and Occupation: Mexico Builds the LA RAZA "THE RACE"

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. AKA> Simpson-Mazzoli Act,
In brief the act:[1]
• required employers to attest to their employees' immigration status.
• made it illegal to knowingly hire or recruit unauthorized immigrants.
• granted amnesty to certain seasonal agricultural illegal immigrants.
• granted amnesty to illegal immigrants who entered the United States
• before January 1, 1982 and had resided there continuously...
NOTE: Thought to be 1.3 million at the time, but over the years, the number
has climbed to over 3 million, with claims still being made fairly recently.
Since 1986, our nation has been invaded, by 10's of millions of illegal immigrants;
http://bit.ly/IgJvVw http://bit.ly/h0jNr3

WIKI: 2,266,800 adults were incarcerated in U.S. federal and state prisons, and county jails at year-end 2010 http://bit.ly/aFRe9A
CRIMINAL ALIEN STATISTICS: Information on Incarcerations, Arrests, and Costs http://1.usa.gov/dO58m6 in federal prisons in fiscal year 2010 was about 55,000, and the number of SCAAP criminal alien incarcerations in state prison systems and local jails was about 296,000 in fiscal year 2009; increased about 35 percent from about 220,000 in fiscal year 2003.
Californians pay $1B a year to house illegal immigrant prisoners http://1.usa.gov/dO58m6 http://bit.ly/lE7TTI
The federal justice system accounts for 200,000, or 8.6 percent, of the 2.3 million inmates in federal and state prisons and city and county jails. http://nyti.ms/18F6jv
2008 Incarceration in the United States http://bit.ly/aFRe9A
Correctional Populations In The United States, 2010 http://bit.ly/vYyNxa
Quick Facts About the Bureau of Prisons http://www.bop.gov/news/quick.jsp
http://bit.ly/GHHWPk http://bit.ly/GO452c
FEDERAL BUDGET: Funding for illegal immigrant incarceration jeopardized http://bit.ly/GNSjWQ
White House’s plan to slash the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program from $240 million to $70 million, down from $394 million in 2009
California’s Incarcerated Criminal Illegal Aliens Jumps 17 Percent To 102,795 $1.1 Billion Per Year To Lock Them Up http://bit.ly/GHNWt8

Illegal Immigrant Underground Economy - tbd -
Black market http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_market
New underground economy http://wtim.es/GZuvyt
The Rise of the Underground Economy http://on.wsj.com/q9aQpJ
-just heard on NOW, U.S suspected underground economy was $1.2 Trillion when GDP was $14.2 Trillion, this out of a world underground economy of $10.6 Trillion; of course they aren't calculating our loss due to xx million illegal immigrants in our nation. an additional 5-6 million illegals who are working at asundry jobs, i.e., housekeepers, nannies, handymen, and landscapers and not paying any income, or payroll, taxes....
Illegal Immigration And The Underground Economy http://bit.ly/GHtuYJ
Raids Drive Illegal Immigrants Into Underground Economy http://on.wsj.com/mVWpnU
Illegal immigrants' place in the 'underground' economy often reflects culture as well as caution http://bit.ly/cZjnbQ

6 million visa overstays - tbd - http://bit.ly/GICzT1
Immigrants with long-expired visas tough to track http://bit.ly/GIu73a
Janet Napolitano has said 6 million more than once

visas - tbd - Senators Unscrupulously use Domestic Violence Bill to Increase Immigration http://bit.ly/GUI66J

only a small percentage of illegal immigrants are working in agricultural jobs. - tbd - http://bit.ly/GN1guV
WIKI: According to USA Today in 2006, about 4 percent work in farming http://bit.ly/10pQD4

Our Justice System - clogged by illegal immigrants tbd - - TRAC
U.S. taxpayers are spending at least $18.6 million per day to house an estimated 300,000 to 450,000 illegal immigrants who are incarcerated and eligible for deportation from the United States, http://bit.ly/GPSkss

there are the alleged, 5 million illegal immigrant schoolchildren,
that we, the people, are paying to educate at $10,000 per head/per year...
that's $50 billion dollars per year
An educated guess on Texas students in the U.S. illegally http://dallasne.ws/GGUJm5
How many children have unauthorized immigrant parents?
About 5.5 million children in 2010 had at least one parent who was an unauthorized immigrant, according to the Pew Hispanic Center. Of this group, about 82 percent (4.5 million) were US citizens by birth and 18 percent (1 million) were unauthorized immigrants themselves. The number of children with unauthorized immigrant parents has more than doubled since 2000, when there were just 3.6 million such children. However, over the same period, the number of unauthorized immigrant children declined from 1.5 to 1.1 million, while the number of US-born children with unauthorized immigrant parents grew from 2.1 to 4.5 million. http://bit.ly/GVsVtV

Cross border Crime, Kidnappings - tbd http://bit.ly/GICpuT
The Department of Justice's latest National Drug Threat Assessment says there were 267 kidnappings in Phoenix last year and 299 in 2008. The report said the victims usually have a connection to immigrant smuggling groups or drug traffickers. http://fxn.ws/GP7XzZ

Guest Worker Program - tbd - http://bit.ly/xMrl6n

Mexican National Accused of Using Craigslist To Recruit Drivers To Transport Illegals http://bit.ly/GO7rBx
aiding and abetting, make it an felony

Frequently Requested Statistics on Immigrants and Immigration in the United States - Migration Policy Institute
Unauthorized Immigrant Population: National and State Trends, 2010 http://bit.ly/sx9TUd
Estimates of the Unauthorized Immigrant Population Residing in the United States: January 2010 http://1.usa.gov/emxnIe

however, the administration is on the side of the illegals, and if mandatory E-Verify, was to be passed by Congress, the law will not be enforced. our existing laws against illegal immigration are being ignored..... and therein lies the rub ... if there is to be enforcement of E-Verify, it must be done by the people .. that's we, the people ..that's you, and me.

if you want to help fix our country, it's first things, first, using the K.I.S.S. principle.

our government is not enforcing our existing laws against illegal immigration, and now, they are suing the states in an attempt to prevent the states from enacting, and enforcing, their own, duplication of federal, laws, against illegal immigration, meanwhile illegal immigrants continue to invade our country. every illegal immigrant has broken our laws, and abused our social entitlements, all at the expense of American taxpayers. this must stop.

we have the facts, we have the evidence. we will argue our case in front of the American people. this is the beginning of our case against the rampant fraud that is devastating, and separating, our people, and our nation. it's time to put the UNITED back into the United States Of America. your help is requested. our task is to educate the people, so that they may make an educated decision on this matter. it is requested, that, we, the people, thoroughly critique every aspect of the following compilation. perception, meaning, content. your help is needed to make this everything that we, the people, need it, and want it, to be.

If we allow it, with continuing enticement, and lack of enforcement. as our economy improves,
even more illegal immigrants will come, and they will take every job available, at less money,
than an American would reasonably be expected to work for.

E-Verify - the first step to begin to resolve the illegal immigration issue is by mandating E-Verify
giving it sharp teeth/tough enforcement
fine the employer $20,000/illegal, fine the worker $5,000, and make it a felony


find the right non-franchised business, i.e., a poultry/pork/? producer,
in the right area, in the right situation, in the right state

develop a covert plan to blitz/picket the business until they relent to using E-Verify;
immediately get the local job seekers involved,
notify the press, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Picketing_(protest)

E-VERIFY (red on white),
WE, THE PEOPLE, WANT THE JOBS (blue, on white)

Kidnapping, etc.., coupled with the illegal immigrant crime, and mayhem, in our United States, are two issues, that I haven't as yet, had time to grapple with, meaning research and compile stats,, build out an Illegal Immigrant Crime and Violence educational living page ... saving the best for last,.... actually waiting for facebookers to become involved, there are a number of opportunities open, we're building an illegal immigration issue case argument to take in front of the American people. would kind of like to begin to turn the illegal immigration issue over to the most fervid, but rational, and logical, person(s), who/whom is/are already very involved with it ... vBulletin forum experience, a plus, but not an absolute must ... if you are that person, you can't say no .... this is a growing opportunity ... but only for the right person(s) ... in the illegal immigration battle, if you enjoy working on specific aspects of it, there's a place for you; we, the people, are about gathering, adding, compiling, and distributing information ... we are a simplified internet educational directory ... we will soon become, the people educating the people on the illegal immigration issue ... we are educational updated compiled webpages on the illegal immigration/border issues .. we are (soon-to-be) discussion forums, on every aspect, of illegal immigration, at the federal, state, county, coming soon ... city, school district, neighborhood .. if you enjoy having illegal immigration political information at your fingertips, like to help develop things, and want to be a part of something that gets better every day, this is for you ... http://bit.ly/oBuTUd

we're building an illegal immigration issue case argument to take in front of the American people ... what is it going to take? http://bit.ly/GFxhUJ

our battle is with the mainstream media....
here's an example as to how the mainstream media is controlling the political dialogue
ARTICLE HEADLINE: 60% Say Border Control Is Priority in Immigration Reform http://bit.ly/GLUjeb
POLL QUESTIONS: http://bit.ly/GZowL4



The Solution

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