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    Default Medicaid

    Medicaid Costs (Federal/State/Total) and Beneficiaries (trillions/millions)
    FY2016 0.368 xx.x est.
    FY2015 0.350 0.204 0.554 70.0
    avg. $7,492, children $3,389, adults $4,986, aged $14,323, disabled $19,478
    FY2014 0.301 0.195 0.497 64.0
    . avg. $7,315, children $3,141, adults $4,914, aged $15,113, disabled $18,789
    FY2013 0.265 0.193 0.458 58.9 . avg. $6,897, children $2,807, adults $4,391, aged $15,483, disabled $17,352
    FY2012 0.251 0.181 0.432 58.6 . avg. $6,641, children $2,700, adults $4,101, aged $15,688, disabled $17,255
    FY2011 0.275 0.157 0.432 55.7
    . avg. $6,982, children $2,851, adults $4,362, aged $15,931, disabled $17,958
    FY2010 0.273 0.131 0.404 53.9

    FY2009 0.251 0.130 0.381 50.1

    FY2008 0.201 0.151 0.352 xx.x

    FY2007 0.191 0.143 0.333 49.1

    FY2006 0.181 0.134 0.315 46.7
    FY2005 0.182 0.134 0.316 46.5
    FY2004 0.176 0.120 0.296 45.2
    FY2003 0.161 0.115 0.276 43.5
    FY2002 0.148 0.110 0.258 40.5
    FY2001 0.130 0.099 0.229 36.9
    FY2000 0.118 0.088 0.206 34.6
    FY1999 0.108 0.082 0.190 32.1
    FY1998 0.177 32.5
    FY1997 0.166 33.0
    FY1996 0.160 33.2

    Status of Medicaid Expansion

    22 states have opted not to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), arguing that the expansion would be too expensive

    Medicaid (by state)

    How to Report Fraud and Suspected Fraud
    Report Fraud, Waste & Abuse

    Medicaid Improper Payment Rates

    Medicaid Woks : A State-by-State Look

    The way the ACA is designed, we should rapidly work towards achieving the best lowest-cost healthcare for all

    For the benefit of the people, the Coming Medicaid Cost Explosion mandates the development of a good low-cost effective healthcare system

    How Medicaid Fails The Poor by Avik Roy
    Beyond Medicaid

    MEANWHILE: Stop Legalizing Poverty . End Chain Migration . Mandate E-Verify

    U.S. Population Counter

    Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP ) provides health coverage to more than 43 million children.

    12-27-2014 As Medicaid Rolls Swell, Cuts in Payments to Doctors Threaten Access to Care

    10-14-2014 Implementing the ACA: Medicaid Spending & Enrollment Growth for FY 2014 and FY 2015

    08-28-2014 Medicaid spending will climb by 15% this year, thanks to ObamaCare. via @WSJ

    08-28-2014 Obama administration and Pennsylvania governor reach deal to expand Medicaid.

    08-08-2014 New Medicaid enrollments top 7 million under Obamacare

    05-19-2014 Ex-WellCare CEO, Todd Farha, Gets Three Years for Florida Medicaid Scheme

    05-17-2014 Poorer Health of Surgery Patients on Medicaid May Alter Law’s Bottom Line

    05-02-2014 Faulted in Medicaid Fraud, Company Keeps Contract

    04-03-2014 Medicaid enrollment jumps by 3 million

    04-02-2014 Medicaid to open database on docs HELP END MEDICAID FRAUD

    03-10-2014 Medicaid’s New Prisoner Population

    03-04-2014 Increase in Medicaid doesn't cure program's ills

    02-28-2014 Medicaid Fraud: Who’s in on the Act and How They’re Getting Away With It

    02-13-2014 Medicaid expansion is expected to strain mental health services

    02-04-2014 Less than half of doctors in nation’s largest cities are accepting Medicaid now: study

    01-29-2014 State Medicaid Programs Struggling With Administrative Duties, MACPAC

    01-21-2014 ACA Medicaid Enrollments Top 6 Million

    01-10-2014 GOP governors may still go for Medicaid expansion - and cash

    01-09-2014 Medicaid is nearly free health care. Will people move for that?

    01-02-2014 Harvard study: Medicaid actually increases ER visits

    12-21-2013 In Ohio, Medicaid covered 41% of 2010 births

    12-16-2013 CARTOON: Medicaid Expansion:

    12-16-2013 Medicaid Outpaces Private Plans

    12-15-2013 Expanded Medicaid’s fine print holds surprise: ‘payback’ from estate after death

    12-08-2013 More Medicaid Patients, but Not Enough Doctors

    12-08-2013 George Will: Medicaid Is Next Obamacare Crisis – All Hell Is Going To Break Loose

    12-07-2013 ObamaCare created a Medicaid time bomb

    12-05-2013 Study: States that reject Medicaid expansion lose money

    12-05-2013 Medicaid is latest victim of federal health-insurance website

    12-05-2013 MEDICAID FRAUD: U.S. Charges Dozens of Russian Diplomats and Spouses With Medicaid Fraud THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG

    12-03-2013 Medicaid, CHIP enrollments surge under*Obamacare

    12-02-2013 Doctors Face A 24% Pay Cut In Both Medicare And Medicaid Reimbursements

    11-30-2013 Michigan embracing Medicaid expansion to help inmates

    11-29-2013 Why We Need Real Healthcare Reform

    11-29-2013 ObamaCare driving huge numbers of Americans onto Medicaid

    11-29-2013 Medicaid enrollment set to surge

    11-28-2013 In Kansas, Medicaid managed care system to take over developmental-disability services

    11-28-2013 Lack of Doctors May Worsen as Millions Join Medicaid Rolls

    11-25-2013 Illinois drops Medicaid fraud finder -- gives job to unionized employees WAY TOO SUCCESSFUL

    11-25-2013 100,000 Medicaid enrollees in the 25 states that have opted not to expand Medicaid

    11-16-2013 Tennessee Governor Hesitates on Medicaid Expansion, Frustrating Many

    11-14-2013 Medicaid enrollment is health law's bright spot

    11-14-2013 Medicaid For Al-Qaeda? ObamaCare Flaw Allows Anyone On Earth To Fraudulently Enroll

    11-12-2013 Medicaid signups an early Obamacare bright spot

    11-09-2013 Mich. Asks Feds For Medicaid Expansion Approval

    11-08-2013 Why New Medicaid Enrollment is Soaring

    11-07-2013 White House pushes Florida, Louisiana on Medicaid

    11-06-2013 Obama takes Texas to task for not expanding Medicaid

    11-05-2013 Obama to push GOP governors for Medicaid expansion

    11-01-2013 *Obamacare rollout leaves states shocked at Medicaid signups: ‘What planet’ is this? In just the first month of Obamacare’s rollout, states are reporting a massive surge in the number of people signing up for Medicaid expansions versus the slow trickle of a few selecting the private insurer route — and health experts are shocked: What is going on?

    Historical and Projected Medicaid Enrollment and Expenditures

    Medicare and Medicaid: What's the Difference?

    "Death Panel" of GOP Governors Refuse Medicaid Expansion

    09-08-2012 Know the consequences of cutting Medicaid

    Romney's running mate would turn Medicaid over to the states, sharply restrict spending growth

    Medicaid improper payments 2010 $121 billion; 2011 $115 billion; 2012 $108 billion .... THROWING MONEY AWAY

    13 states cut Medicaid to balance budgets

    States may opt out of Medicaid expansion

    In the meantime, FRAUD, WASTE, and ABUSE, in all aspects of government, is the #1 problem that must be addressed, beginning with entitlements.


    Mass. report: Immigrants reap Medicaid benefits

    Illegal aliens bankrupting California's Medicaid;
    Obama approves cuts

    SocialSecurity|Medicare|Medicaid ($ IN TRILLIONS)

    Medicaid Benefits Dropping for Millions of Patients -

    NYTIMES: Governors Seek Help on Medicaid Costs
    The most important provisions of the federal law take effect in 2014

    Governors Scramble to Rein In Medicaid

    WSJ: ObamaCare and the Medicaid Mess;
    States need relief from the program's inflexible rules and escalating costs

    For Governors, Medicaid Looks Ripe to Slash

    WSJ: Insurers Bid for $40 billion of new opportunities
    to run privately managed State Medicaid Plans

    More than 50 million Americans (up 17% since dec. 2007)
    are on Medicaid costing $273 Billion Dollars in 2010

    medicaid uninsured and the

    Record number in government anti-poverty programs

    One in Six Americans Is Now on Medicaid
    to increase by 15.9M by 2019; will boost spending by $443.5B

    Health Reform, the States and Medicaid

    Health Care Bills' Medicaid Expansion: How States Can Lose the Battle Behind Closed Doors

    What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid? What is Medicare Advantage often called Part C
    15% of State's budgets go to Medicaid. HealthCare Reform, our Federal government wants to transfer most of the costs of Medicaid to States.
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